University Writing Skills: Paragraph Development

University Writing Skills: Paragraph Development

University Writing Skills Paragraph Development

Writing for University fosters students’ ability to express their ideas and opinions in writing at university level. Specifically, the book is intended for students who are preparing for their undergraduate studies. It is designed to facilitate the transition from an informal, personalstyle to writing which is academic in content and register. This is achieved by introducing students to a range of paragraph genres, with an emphasis on a practical, step-by-step approach. Writing a well-structured paragraph is a necessary step to writing a good essay.

The course offers:

• Well-defined learner outcomes in each unit

• A clear definition of each paragraph type

• Sample and model paragraphs for students to analyse

• Invaluable practice with paragraph development

• Stimulating topics which engage the student as a critical thinker

• Practice with language areas relevant to the genre

• Brainstorming and discussion tasks which activate students’ prior knowledge and experience

• Attractive images which enhance understanding of the topics in the unit

• Self-check questionnaires which help students to reflect on their writing

• Online support with answer key, further language practice, marking guidelines and student samples specifying how to assess paragraph writing

Authors: Domenic Fumo, Shabnam Fatima, Habiba Hanini Dhaouadi, Nadia Al Subari, Nevine El-Gazzar, Daniel Blackman, Dr Asmaa Awad, Dr Mohammad Amir

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