Getting The Most From Your DigiBooks 2021

Pristatomasis Express Digibooks tarptautinis nuotolinis seminaras

In this session, we will be giving a detailed introduction to Express Publishing's Digibooks platform. We will give an overview of the purpose of the platform and explain the various types of user. We will show how the platform is set up and how to start using it in practice. There will also be an explanation of the optional functions and how they might be used by a school to facilitate both education and administration. Members of our technical team will also be on hand to answer questions from those of you who are already using the platform and would like more technical information. Our aim is that, by the end of the session, you will have a clear idea of why the platform is such a valuable tool both for distance learning and normal school conditions.

Steve Lever holds a BA (Hons) from Leeds University. After working as a teacher of English as a foreign language for eleven years, he moved into ELT consultancy for Express Publishing in 2001. In this capacity, he has travelled around the world delivering workshops and seminars. He has been a plenary speaker at many international conferences and has been pleased to be involved in joint projects with the British Council and ministries of education in various countries, as well as writing articles for various ELT journals.

He has a strong amateur interest in teaching through drama and the use of NLP and critical thinking in the language classroom. He also works as a freelance translator, proofreader, and item writer.




Thanos Baroudas is the Express DigiBooks' Product Owner, responsible for designing the next platform version. He previously provided support for the product for six (6) years.









Marinos Xarchoulakos is the Express DigiBooks' Customer Support Consultant. He has been providing support for the product for the last five (5) years.








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