Express e-Day 2021

Pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo tarptautinis nuotolinis seminaras


Jenny Dooley, President of Express Publishing, holds an M.Ed. from the University of Wales, Swansea. She has been a teacher, teacher trainer, and author in the ELT field for more than twenty years. She has travelled extensively, delivering seminars and holding workshops in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She is the owner and manager of one of the piloting schools used by Express Publishing and is the president of H.E.C., a language exams distribution centre. She has also been influential in the creation of children’s theatre groups, which aim to stimulate young learners’ imaginations while enhancing their English language learning. Her research interests include: language acquisition in young learners; the application of the multiple intelligence theory in language learning; gamification in education; neuroscience; and modern assessment. She has been involved in the development of printed, audio-visual, animated and digital ELT material for more than two decades. Some of her latest publications are: Incredible 5i WonderRight On and On Screen. She has also designed DigiBooks, a gamified LMS platform with ELT content.


George Kokolas has been working as a teacher trainer and academic consultant for Express Publishing for the last 18 years. Right after his graduation he branched out from his major in English Literature and devoted himself fully to EFL. He likes to be considered as a frontline teacher spending many hours inside the classroom teaching and learning at the same time. His vast experience has been of considerable help in developing helpful and practical views about different topics of EFL Methodology, like motivation, effective learning, technology in the classroom, critical thinking, differentiated instruction and much more. He has delivered several successful seminars in conferences throughout the world, including TESOL Spain, APAC Barcelona, TESOL GREECE, Conferencia de Instituto Dominico-Americano, ELTA Albania.




Fannie Daou is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer with a strong interest in digital education. Since 2007, she has been working as an academic consultant and teacher trainer for Express Publishing, travelling extensively and delivering seminars and workshops at various ELT events and conferences around the world.  She also works as a translator and editor.








Danny Morris has a BA (Hons) in Hispanic Studies from the University of Kent and a Cambridge CELTA. After working as a British Council Language Assistant and as an EFL teacher in Spain, he joined Express Publishing as an ELT Consultant in 2018. His experience both as a language learner and foreign language teacher has driven his interest in studying different types of teaching methodologies and approaches.

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